Friday, October 1, 2010

Angler Fish Lamp

This is a forged piece that I mad while attending Syracuse University. It is forged out of 14 gauge and 16 gauge hot rolled steel, measures about 4'x3'x1', and took about 2 weeks to make mostly because of the work schedule i had that year (5 studio classes, art history class, 3 part-time jobs, and rugby practice 6 times a week, crazy! Porfessors wondered why i was tired all the time, haha) This piece is actually in the works to have smaller versions casted and forged and hopefully remain functional. 2007

Self Destruction of the Human Body

This was another relief print that measured 36"x84", but instead of printing it with a steam roller or large enough press i actually printed it by hand. Which was a pain, but totally worth the labor. 2010


This was my first massive wood block print and it measures 36"X84". We actually didn't have a press big enough to print it so we printed it,and others, with a steam roller during our annual Steam Roller Prints at Syracuse University. 2009

New User!!!

So I had a blogger before, but it was actually for a class that i didn't find too appealing, but was still pretty interesting. That account totally didn't get used but for the class so it got lost, which is why I am going to start up this one. Pretty much what i am planning to do is post new and old work, possibly try to get stuff sold, and keep people posted on works to come. But first, need a work desk!!! So once that is done work, work, work!!! Till then though I am going to post these old pieces that i am totally proud of. Please leave comments if you like them, can't wait to hear what people have to say about them.