Friday, October 1, 2010

New User!!!

So I had a blogger before, but it was actually for a class that i didn't find too appealing, but was still pretty interesting. That account totally didn't get used but for the class so it got lost, which is why I am going to start up this one. Pretty much what i am planning to do is post new and old work, possibly try to get stuff sold, and keep people posted on works to come. But first, need a work desk!!! So once that is done work, work, work!!! Till then though I am going to post these old pieces that i am totally proud of. Please leave comments if you like them, can't wait to hear what people have to say about them.



  1. You go guy. I've found you need to put something up at least once a week, That fish lamp is way cool. Kevin

  2. thanks kevin and totally will at least try and get something on hear once a week but for sure goin' to get work done